Better Service = More Reviews.


Its all starts when

A Customer Schedules Service!

Before the Technician Arrives…

Familiarizing the homeowner with their upcoming appointment provides them with a sense of added comfort and security. Prior to service, the customer will automatically receive a text message which includes a short profile of his or her technician, and when to expect their arrival. pulseM Bio’s are fully customizable including you company logo, technician photo, biographical information, and even videos!
  • Automatic text alerts for appointments
  • Personal profiles for each technician
  • Increased security for customers

After the Work is Completed…

Getting immediate feedback from customers after appointments can significantly increase the chances they will leave you a review.  PulseCheck sends automatic review requests by text and email. Happy customers are automatically guided to the social media channels you choose where they can leave a 5-star review in seconds. Without gating, unhappy reviews are contained internally and you are immediately notified.

  • Send automatic review requests
  • Prioritize positive review channels
  • Manage Negative Review Internally

*We comply to all of Google’s policies

When Reviews are Posted…

pulseM continues to work after you’ve earned a review through social media, and your website through pulseM’s exclusive web widgets. All reviews are indexed through Google Structured Data, which boost your SEO and organic rankings. pulseM Dash, pulseM WebChat, and the pulseM Review Widget all seamlessly integrate with your existing website and allow you to perpetually market to new customers.

  • Push positive reviews as posts on social platforms
  • Drive SEO value with integrated web widgets
  • Enable live-chat to capture online visitors

and that’s not all we offer!

All of pulsem’s features work seamlessly together to enhance your business’s customer service experience – converting happy customers into immediate advocates for your brand, and allowing you the opportunity to address the complaints before they end up online.

But it’s not all just about reviews

Book a demo with our team today and discover the full functionality of pulsem, including team management & gamification, competitor review analysis, rankings, and more!