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Login to your pulseM dashboard

Navigate to "settings" dashboard settings button

Click on the "pulseM" tab pulseM tab button

Click on "Web Widget" web widget tab button

Click "Enable My Dot" enable my dot button

Click "My Dot Settings" my dot settings button




Step 1. Pick a color
Add some flavor by flaunting a DOT that matches your brand

Step 2. Pick a side
Where do you want the DOT and reviews to appear? On the left or the right?

Step 3. Choose a theme to fit your mood
Make your DOT stand out by giving it a new look - you can now choose from 3 options

Step 4. (Advanced) Floating or fixed?
Want your DOT to follow you along the page? Pick "floating"
Prefer to have it in one place all the time? Pick "fixed"
(sorry this setting not available for your kids)


If you picked "fixed":
Advanced Instructions (must be comfortable working with/have access to your website's code):

To successfully embed your DOT into a "fixed" position onto your page include an HTML element (span is preferable) with a unique ID of pulsem_widget_static_container in your page's HTML. Your DOT will appear inside this element.

Set the style attributes of this element to be positioned in the location of your choice

* The minimum dimensions of the element should be 100px by 100px