"pulseM is built on a simple truth: people like to talk.

And write. And communicate. If you make communication easy, information will flow. And in that flow of information are crucial insights that businesses need in order to provide their customers with the best possible service. That’s our passion: better communication, better service, better business. We have the data: using mobile phone engagement through SMS creates better participation rates—often more than double that of conventional email. But it’s more than that. We’ve seen our technology double companies’ ratings on social media sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp. We’ve seen great employees rewarded, and struggling employees get the training they need to succeed. pulseM is opening the lines of communication for businesses and customers nationwide—and improving our clients' top and bottom line. At pulseM, we love communication, and we’re proud to have created the best Business to Customer engagement platform on the market. We can’t wait to talk with you about it."

- Pawan Jaggi, CEO Speetra


Our Five Values



Here at pulseM, innovation is what gives us an edge. Without it, we wouldn't be the company we are today. But the core drive for us to innovate is not commercial - it's to better serve you, our valued customers. Every new step we take is an even greater leap for you and your success. That's what keeps us going.


A large part of our success comes from relationships we build with your customers. We work to serve our pulseM family to the best of our abilities. Every aspect of our software is tuned to enhance customer experience and daily operations are tailored to assist our customers in the best way possible.


Here at pulseM, we hold our team to a high level of accountability and responsibility. Mistakes happen, but having both the integrity and honesty to resolve them is what our team prides itself on.


We are proud to announce that our CEO Pawan Jaggi is now on the board of directors for Social Venture Partners in Dallas! We believe giving back to our community is our duty. By striving to put our community first, we have created a culture where honesty and integrity are key to success. Selfless thinking continues to flow out into our social work. We have an unwavering commitment to this belief, and are looking forward to seeing how much good we can do in the coming future! Learn more about SVP.


Simplicity is key, and our software is built around this cornerstone. We want to make our customers lives easier while also delivering powerful results, analytics, and feedback. pulseM is not, and will never be, a hindrance to the work flow of our customers. Simplicity is what differentiates pulseM from the rest.