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Let me tell you a little bit more about pulseM and why it is so essential to getting more social media reviews and building your online reputation.


With pulseM you get:

  • Simple and powerful way for homeowners to effortlessly leave social media reviews
  • Powerful tool that emotionally connects with your customers and leaves a lasting impression of your brand
  • Platform that manages and displays what people are saying about your company
  • Showcase your best reviews in one place
  • Naturally build your NPS™ Net Promoter Score and improve your organic Google search results (SEO)
  • Intercept negative feedback and handle it before it reaches the internet
  • Powerful analytics to manage your technicians, their social media reviews, and feedback scores
  • Leaderboard to analyze your technician's performance against other employees in your company -- struggling technicians get attention and rockstar technicians get rewarded!
  • All in one package!

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