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Besides the add-ons, all pulseM features are included in our Core Package

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Up to 3 Technicians
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Up to 7 Technicians
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Up to 15 Technicians
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Over 30 Technicians
Add-on Messaging or Social Media Curation

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Messaging Package

$150/ MONTH
  • Messaging Platform
  • pulseM Web Chat
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Social Media Package

$150/ MONTH
  • Social Media Curation
  • Account Automation
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Day 1 - Welcome

After you sign up, your personal Customer Success Manager will call you within 24 hours for your Welcome Call. They will send you a Welcome Package with training material and best practices information. They’ll also schedule your Expert Onboarding appointment.

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Week 1 - Expert Onboarding

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will train you and your team on how to set up and begin utilizing pulseM’s features. They will provide customized training and personalized best practices so your company can maximize the benefits of pulseM.

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Month 1 - 30 Day FollowUp

Thirty days after your purchase, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to you to provide suggestions and answer any questions you may have about your account.


Ongoing Support

You will have your Customer Success Manager’s direct contact information. Our support team consists entirely of full time, US-based pulseM employees.