Review Gating

What is review gating?

Review gating refers to when a company intentionally sends only happy customers to review sites, and filters out unsatisfied customers in order to prevent negative reviews. Social media sites such as Google have clearly stated that review gating is against their policy

pulseM does not gate

When a customer clicks the unhappy or neutral face we send an instant notification alerting you of the issue. Then we encourage the customer to reach out to you directly by either phone call or leaving an internal feedback, but we leave Google as an option. By leaving Google as an option we are compliant with Google’s Policy. (See image below)

Why does pulseM check sentiment?

We value what our consumers have to say, and we want to know when a customer has a bad experience so we can resolve or fix the issue. When you ask for Sentiment you are capturing all feedback, not just positive. This gives you the capability to correct certain actions, make customers happy and train your staff to improve customer satisfaction in the future. Unlike our competition, we like to inform and help you engage with the customer to resolve their issue and improve your online reputation. It takes 10 positive reviews to overcome a negative and too many negative reviews can impact your revenue.

Google Compliance

We are 100% positive that our practices are in compliance with Google. Our customers have never been effected by Google in a negative way, instead they see phenomenal results. Our competitors like to use the word “not compliant with Google” as a scare tactic and we encourage everyone to read Google’s policies for themselves – 

pulseM will never be a business that uses scare tactics to win, we let our proven results speak for themselves. We will always “Do the right thing” for our customers which is a core value of our business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to pulseM support should you have any questions or concerns.