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Fixed pulseM Dot

A fixed Dot will stay put in one spot on your website, wherever you decide to put it. This may be a little tricky, however, because it requires some CSS styling. We recommend proceeding only if you understand how to code in HTML and CSS, or consult your webmaster.


Instructions (Advanced)

If you already have access to your pulseM Dot script, also known as the GSD script or Web Widget script, follow the instructions below. If not, please contact us for your script.

Your code should look something like this:

Note: Notice the name of the file, if it DOES NOT end with "embed-pulsemweb-gsd" then you are looking at the wrong script!

< script id="pulsem-embed-gsd" defer src="" data-width="600px" data-height="600px" data-id="YOUR_ID_HERE">

Add this into your code:


Now your code should look like this:

< script id="pulsem-embed-gsd" defer src="" data-width="600px" data-height="600px" data-id="YOUR_ID_HERE" data-fixed="true">

Here comes the tricky part:

To position your dot in a specific spot on your page, install your script (shown above) inside of a <span> block.

At this point you must style that span, using CSS, to the location of your choice on your webpage.

The minimum dimensions for this <span> needs to be height = 100px and width = 100px.

Further customization:

1. If you would like a custom color, simply reach out to us with the color you want and we will change it for you!

2. The pulseM Dot currently has 3 themes to choose from, if you would like to change your theme, let us know!

 Theme One

Theme One

 Theme Two

Theme Two

 Theme Three

Theme Three