Optimizing Two Way Messaging

How can I?

If someone asked me what the most impactful product for pulseM was in 2018 the easy answer would be Two Way Messaging. The idea of no longer requiring a phone call for a customer interaction is 21st Century level service. Recent polls suggest that over 70% of consumers would rather communicate via text message with businesses than over the phone. Imagine seeing a number pop up with an unknown name or random 10 digits, send to voicemail. If there was only a way to send a text message to the consumer letting them know you need to speak with them and setting up a successful call. Well there is, and in the last 7 months we’ve added over 70 businesses to the pulseM Two Way Messaging tool.

Why wait?

The main hesitancy I receive from a business is, how can I use Two Way Messaging and be successful? Here are some quick tips:

  • Make sure your logo is included in the initial text message. Sending a message with zero point of reference is tough to get a response, your logo gives clarity to who is reaching out.
  • Use mass messaging for Maintenance Plan reminders. On Monday send a message stating “Your Maintenance Plan is due, text back W / Th / Fri and a number between 8am-5pm when you are free and we will coordinate a time”. In that moment you have given instructions that require a response.
  • Don’t send open ended questions, “When are you free”, instead try “Are you free Tuesday after 2pm? Text back Y to confirm or R to reschedule”. You’ve stated a date and time for response.
  • Respond back in a timely manner. Don’t let your customers wait too long for a response, polls suggest that if a text goes non-responded for 15 minutes then the sender will assume it was never read.
  • Create an Omnichannel. Combine Facebook, Web Chat, and SMS messaging into a single dashboard in order to localize your communication.


Just Keep Trying

You’re not going to launch Two Way Messaging and within a week master the process. In order to master anything you need to put forth effort and focus. Train your employees on best practices, how to respond in a crisis, what words to use when responding. Remember, reading a word or sentence can be a completely different experience than hearing a word or sentence. Reach out to a pulseM Customer Success Team member today in order to learn best practices and set up a training on Two Way Messaging.