Messenger Upgrade: Boost Customer Conversations with 5 Awesome New Features

At pulseM, feedback from customers is the vital spark for product development. We are always looking for ways to deliver more value with the pulseM platform, and your feature requests make it easy to see what we should roll out next. In that spirit, we’re excited to share major upgrades to pulseM Messaging this November.

What is pulseM Messaging?

Messaging gives you a central place to engage customers on their favorite channels: Facebook, Google, WebChat, and SMS.


New Features

1. Send Review Request

This often requested feature allows you to send Review Requests. Unlike the pulseM Bio and PulseCheck, send this at any time, and use it to target a channel where your ratings have been struggling.

2. Get Lead Notifications from pulseM WebChat

pulseM WebChat users will now receive lead notifications through pulseM Messenger. When a lead follows a link from WebChat to your website, you’ll know immediately.

3. Respond to Facebook Pages Comments

We integrated comments on your business’s Facebook Page with Two Way Messenger. Now, you can reply in the context of a commenter’s existing conversation with your brand. All without leaving pulseM Messenger.

4. Mark Conversations Unread

Mark any conversation as “Unread”, bringing it to the top of your inbox and giving you more control over the conversation.

5. Filter By Any Channel

With channel filters, you’ll spend less time searching for conversations. By selecting a channel from the dropdown, you’ll see only those messages in your inbox. We now support this for every channel: Facebook, Google, WebChat, and SMS.