Keep it Simple with Review Choices

Not getting enough reviews on a certain site?

Keep it simple! Backed by stats we know based upon the thousands of accounts using the pulseM platform that keeping it simple works. When a customer has had a great interaction with your business and you want to get a review, giving them 4-10+ choices is a deterrent. At that moment you are asking them to make a choice, why over complicate the decision process with too many choices. Identify your top two options, Google and Facebook or BBB or Home Advisor, etc. Strongly recommend keeping Google as your #1 or #2 slots followed by a secondary choice.

How this impacts a business

Take Milestone out of Dallas, Texas. They have two options and are funneling reviews to either Google or Facebook, only two options. In the past month Milestone has received over 240 Google reviews, WOW! Keeping it simple works and it can work for you. Contact pulseM support to identify ways to improve your conversion rate to Google and Facebook, plus all other Social Sites.