Importance of API’s in a SaaS Environment

Importance of API’s in a SaaS Environment

You may have stumbled into this blog through sheer luck, curiosity or maybe from the amazing picture I posted. Whatever it was, I am glad you opened it because today we will be discussing API’s and how they affect our workplace.

API or application programming interface, allows software developers to connect one application to another with ease. They are widely used in the tech community and provide various solutions to difficult problems. Companies such as Facebook and Google create APIs which most of us in tech use on a daily basis. If you regularly surf the web you’ve more than likely encountered multiple APIs.

APIs connect multiple applications together in a seamless fashion. Have you ever used Uber? Uber uses the Google Maps API. APIs are the Internet Of Things to the programming world. API’s are what allows us to have such wonderful and complicated software platforms at the tips of our fingers.

pulseM Blog - Importance of API’s in a SaaS Environment

If you are still unsure about how API’s have affected you or why they are so important, I can tell you how I use them for the company I work for. Here at pulseM we provide a software as a service, SaaS, to our customers in order to help them achieve some of their goals. In order to help our customers use our software more efficiently, we have integrated with over half a dozen APIs.

Our customers have the choice of using our dashboard to perform certain tasks, or they can integrate with an API and all tasks be done automatically for them. Expecting all of our customers to have a dedicated pulseM user is unrealistic which is why we integrated with SuccessWare, ServiceTitan, FieldEdge, and QuickBooks just to name a few. As we continue to grow, we also increase the number of APIs we integrate with. Not only does this make our customers happy, but it opens doors to thousands of potential customers that would love to have their CRM software integrated with a powerful platform such as pulseM.

As a SaaS company, pulseM deploys over half a dozen APIs. Being integrated into many applications is crucial to success nowadays. It is powerful enough to integrate you to the rest of the world, and simple enough to allow developers to spend time where it counts.