How does Google Local Service Ads Work?

Wow, 2019 is going to be a huge year for Google Local Service Ads, or LSA for short, in fact it could be the difference between regular growth and exponential growth. Since 2018 pulseM has been keeping up with the best practices for LSA, working with multiple customers to ensure our system can support the Google LSA and Google My Business reviews. In fact pulseM is the only system built with the architecture to support both review platforms at the same time. But enough of all that, how does Google LSA work?

Local Service Ads broken down:
  • Local Service Ads are Google’s newest type of advertisement model for Home/General Contractors. If you fit in this bucket then the rest of this article is extremely important.
  • LSA disrupts the traditional AdWords Campaigns by asserting search results at the top of the page. On Desktop a prospect is given 3 top choices and on Mobile they see 2 top choices. Nonetheless there is an expand button to see more options.
  • The LSA platform is exclusive for certain trades and geographical locations, see the bottom of the article for a full list of current trades and locations. If you are a Home/General Contractor in an area that supports LSA and you’re not on it, you need to be! Call pulseM today to discuss next steps.
  • How LSA ranks contractors is broken down into 3 sections:
    • The total LSA budget, much like AdWords if you are willing to spend more than you will be given preference. Major difference is you’re now paying for a Lead versus paying for only a Click.
    • The amount of Leads you convert to Booked Jobs. Google is in the business of giving the best results and if you are a business that only books 1 out of 10 leads then Google will give another business a chance.
    • Finally, Reviews, the amount of reviews you have on LSA directly impacts your rank result. We have seen businesses half the size of other businesses on LSA ranked higher due to the amount of LSA reviews. This is an area that only pulseM can help in, find out how today.
The Google Guarantee

Did you know that when a job is booked through LSA, Google provides up to $2,000 in liable coverages for contractor errors or damages, talk about a Guaranteed stamp of approval. That is why not every Home/General Contractor will be accepted into the platform, this is a paid for service and Google has the right to reject a business from using LSA. How can you keep this from happening? Have plenty of Google Reviews that are recent and in good standing, Google will take these reviews into consideration when processing a request.

Here to help Explore and Navigate

As always, pulseM is here to assist in anyway possible, please don’t hesitate to ask a question. We started this business to help General Contractors and that will always be our #1 priority.