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Hart Medical Equipment Connects with 3000 Customers’ Mobile Phones in Five Months Using pulseM

Hart Medical Equipment Social Media Reviews Skyrocket With pulseM

Executive Summary

As a medical care provider who strives to provide excellent service, Hart Medical Equipment was perplexed why patients were not leaving feedback on their social media channels.  Enter pulseM, a growing B2B SaaS company intent on managing and growing the online reputation of companies such as Hart Medical Equipment. By working together with pulseM, Hart Medical Equipment saw a 90% increase in Google reviews, a 157% increase in Facebook Reviews, and achieved a 60% engagement rate  when asking for feedback -- effortlessly and painlessly.



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Hart Medical Equipment is the leading supplier and distributor of durable home medical equipment, supplies, clinical expertise, and medical services based out of Detroit, Michigan. To better serve their patients and community, Hart Medical Equipment has partnered with McLaren Home Medical, Genesys Health Equipment, and Henry Ford Products and now serve over 27 counties across the state of Michigan. Driven by excellence, Hart Medical Equipment strives to deliver the highest quality of patient care, comfort, and quality of life. They fulfill this promise by providing a wide selection of medical products, equipment, and staff dedicated to delivering quality service right to the door of their stay-at-home patients. Their most popular services include sleep therapy, respiratory therapy, diabetes management, mobility solutions, ambulatory aids, and much more.


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Capturing the Elusive Online Review

Even with over 27 counties in the Michigan area served, Hart Medical Equipment found it difficult to naturally obtain feedback and reviews from their customers. Although Hart Medical Equipment invests great effort to serve their patients, they were only able to obtain 14 reviews on Facebook and 10 reviews on Google. Hart Medical Equipment could not capture the engagement of their current customers, and potential customers would likely not notice a company with such low social media presence. HME invests heavily in training associates to be polite, caring, and efficient, yet the lack of social media reviews stifles those efforts. Without testimony on the world's most popular social sites, it’s hard to truly portray Hart Medical’s commitment to providing excellent service. How can patients in need recognize the value that Hart Medical Equipment provides?
Hart Medical Equipment knew it would be a challenge to get their patients to participate, especially since it was another series of steps involved in going online and finding the right place to leave feedback. As a recovering patient, leaving a review is probably the last thing on their mind, and likely a daunting task for someone who just got out of the hospital. On the other hand, an opportunity presents itself as stay-at-home patients are more likely to spend time on social media sites than when they are working or have mobility.
In today’s world of online marketplaces and internet of options, social media reviews are a crucial part of differentiating yourself from the competition. A good (or bad) social media review has wide impact, as it can greatly impact your bottom line. According to Dawn Wigginton in her article about the cost of negative reviews to your business, “on average, a single negative review will cost you 30 customers, according to a 2009 Convergys Corp. study” ( Lost revenue due to negative reviews add up to a considerable amount over the lifetime of a business. How do you anticipate this effect? By paying attention to your customers and being proactive with the feedback you receive. 

With so many competitors in the present market place, we needed a system that could push us to the top of search engines and ensure that our presence be known. We heard about pulseM’s ability to successfully build a business’ online reputation, and were confident in choosing to go with pulseM.
— participant

Changing the Game with pulseM

Together, Hart Medical Equipment and pulseM developed a strategy to educate their staff on the importance of online reviews, and implemented new processes to enable  Hart Medical Equipment to effectively request reviews using pulseM. Hart Medical Equipment is now able to receive real time responses from their customers, allowing them to solve issues as soon as they happen. pulseM’s unique proprietary feedback message is sent to the patient’s mobile phone to capture the customer’s sentiments, ratings, and a review which is attributed to the HME associate’s profile. Communication between customers and HME office associates have improved dramatically, resulting in immediate, timely, and impactful results.

The Value of Resolving Detrimental Feedback

Since working together with pulseM, three negative reviews have been intercepted and resolved. Assuming each negative review would have costed HME the business of 30 potential customers, and if we assigned a relatively conservative value of $3,000 to the lifetime of each customer, pulseM effectively saved Hart Medical Equipment $270,000 in the first 5 months since joining. With pulseM, Hart Medical Equipment can quickly and easily negate negative feedback, understand the issues their customers are experiencing, and correct the problems for their esteemed customers.

Employee Accountability

As a key component of pulseM’s system, Hart Medical Equipment uses pulseM to create profiles for all of their service providers that visit the patient’s home. 

Hart Medical uses this system to keep track of each employee’s performance and displays them on an internal leaderboard, creating a system of accountability for each individual technician and service provider. By implementing pulseM, the technicians also have a system to personally gauge their performance and motivate themselves to make improvements to the service they provide. 

Upon dispatching a technician or service provider to the home of a patient, Hart Medical Equipment will send a biography of their associate directly to the patient’s mobile phone. This presents customers with a first look at who will be visiting their home, providing them with an increased sense of security, familiarity, and assurance by knowing will arrive at their door. 

After completion of the delivery or service, a text message is sent to the patient’s mobile phone and serves to capture the customer’s sentiments, ratings, and a review which is attributed to the technician’s campaign profile. The review may be posted on Facebook or Google, increasing the online presence of Hart Medical Equipment. A vital step to this strategy is to ask the patients to complete the review. This adds a human element to the whole process of gathering feedback, and greatly increases the chances of obtaining the elusive review. 

pulseM helped me when i got a negative review
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Paving the Way for Future Growth

In June 2017, Hart Medical Equipment joined pulseM with 10 reviews and 2.9 rating on Google, and 14 reviews with 3.7 rating on Facebook. In five months Hart Medical Equipment has seen a 90% growth in Google reviews and a full rating increase, as well as experiencing a 157% increase in Facebook reviews with pulseM.

Hart Medical Equipment has connected with 3000 patient’s mobile phones in the first five months using pulseM. As well as generating 122 leads and capturing a 60% engagement rate in feedback response, compared to 36% average industry engagement rates.

— participant

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