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Increase the number of ways customers can contact you

Lead Generation & Messaging

Times have changed. Today, the majority of consumers now prefer to communicate with service companies via text. We’ve made it possible for businesses like yours to expand your reach and gain more leads.

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Lead Generation with Omnichannel Communication

Our integrated messaging platform organizes incoming leads from your website (WebChat), text, Facebook, and Google into a single channel.

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Robust Text Messaging Platform

Communicate with customers directly on their favorite screen. Assign conversations and manage customer communication all in one place.

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Before the Technician Arrives...

Familiarize the Homeowner

Prior to the appointment, the customer will automatically receive a short profile of his or her technician. The customer will know exactly who to expect and when to expect them, putting them in a good mood before you even step in the door. You have the ability to customize everything in your pulseM Bio including your company logo, technician photo, biographical information, and even videos!

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Added Comfort
& Security

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Appointment Reminders

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100% Customizable

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Showcase Your Reviews

After the work is completed...

PulseCheck Review Request

After the appointment, your customer will automatically receive a PulseCheck review request by text and email. Happy customers are automatically guided to the social media channels you choose where they can leave a 5-star review in seconds. Unhappy reviews are contained internally and you are immediately notified.

pulseM - Customer Experience - PulseCheck - Arrow Icon100% increase in customer reviews in the first 3 months.

pulseM - Customer Experience - PulseCheck - Review Icon65% review request response rate. Higher than any other platform!

pulseM - Customer Experience - PulseCheck - Alert IconContain negative reviews and receive instant notifications.

pulseM - Customer Experience - PulseCheck - Audio IconCapture audio and video reviews with natural language processing.

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Boost revenue with positive reviews

Happy Customers customers are pushed to social media where they can leave you a positive review. If they don’t have social media, they can leave an internal review.

  • Prioritize the social channels you want reviewed
  • Reviews published through Google Structured Data
  • Reviews optimized for Google Local Service Ads
One bad review can cost you hundreds of potential customers

Negative reviews are harmful to any business. They affect your reputation, trustworthiness, and can drive away potential leads. With pulseM, negative and neutral feedback is captured before it hits Google and/or social media. Additionally, you will be instantly alerted so you can take action and solve the customer’s problem.

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Make it easy for customers to leave you a positive review

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PulseCheck is automatically sent after a service

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Customers can text ‘Review’ in response to pulseM Bio

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Customers can text your company keyword to 70402

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Send customers a link via the Messaging Platform

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Send customers a link via the pulseM Mobile App

Showcasing your business after the review

Web Presence & Lead Generation

pulseM continues to work after you’ve earned a review. New, positive reviews are pushed out on Google, social media, and your website through pulseM’s exclusive web widgets. All reviews are indexed through Google Structured Data which boost your SEO and organic rankings by feeding Google up-to-date and relevant user-generated content. Our web widgets, including pulseM Dash, pulseM WebChat, and the pulseM Review Widget all seamlessly integrate with your existing website and allow you to perpetually market to new customers.

pulseM Review Widget

Showcase your top reviews front and center on your website. Let potential customers see the amazing, recent, and local reviews written about your company.

pulseM Dash

Broadcast your service, activity, reviews, and promotions to customers.

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Social Media Curation

Promote happy customers to attract new ones. Get custom curated social media posts highlighting your best and most recent internal reviews.

pulseM WebChat

Let potential customers ask questions on your site then move the conversation directly to SMS text.

Get Your Reviews to Work for You - Discover pulseM
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Your best reviews are promoted on Facebook as fresh content

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People never have to leave your website to see your reviews

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All reviews are indexed by Google leading to more ‘stars’

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Every review helps increase your business’ Google local ranking

Encourage & Incentive Your Team

Team Management & Gamification

Create a fun and competitive work environment within your team while improving your customer service. Utilize the built-in gamification features in your pulseM dashboard to track performance, incentivize employee, and retain top performers.

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