Full Stack Developer

pulseM - Dallas, Texas

The Full Stack Developer is an outside-the-box thinker that executes what they envision. Someone that has a passion for technology and has the hunger to continually learn and grow. They see their primary role as problem solvers, and use their skills and can-do attitude to accomplish anything they set their mind to. “Full Stack” to a developer means that they having an understanding of underlying business requirements and needs, and are able to communicate accordingly.

  • A hard-working, intelligent developer that is passionate about technology and has been coding since they were young, researching and teaching themselves since they can remember
  • Someone that got their degree in Computer Science and/or took internships with companies to increase their software development experience. They now might have a 1-7 years of experience under their belt and looking for a place they can grow without boarders in an environment that keeps them busy with new and exciting challenges.
  • Someone that wants to work in a Facebook or Google-esque environment closer to when those companies were starting. They like the idea of developing new and trending technologies for a rapidly growing software company.
  • Likes not having a dress code, working in a modern office with rising desks, a new Mac laptop day one with multiple screens, and on a team of developers equally passionate about technology and developing a great product.
  • Passionate, and able to take pride in their work while also being able to take criticisms constructively.
  • Design and development of web platforms using Python web framework, MySQL database, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • API development to support front end web applications.
  • API integration with 3rd party software.
  • API integration with popular social media such as Facebook etc.
-Collaborating with the engineering team.
  • Ability to conceptualize and execute development that brings together our technology with our customer’s business needs.
  • Python expertise.
  • Experience with Python/Flask or other web development frameworks.
  • Well versed with REST based API including concepts like JWT.
  • Balances the importance of doing things correctly the first time while keeping development timelines and goals.
  • Experience in cloud based technologies – AWS (EC2, CF, S3).
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks such as Vue, React, or Angular are a bonus.
  • Experience with API design and integration.
  • Familiarity with Agile / Sprint based development.

How to apply...

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