What do we do?

At Speetra, we develop state of the art, software based solutions for our customers. These range from sentiment analysis to mobile first customer engagement solutions. Check out the openings below to become a part of the team.

•   Hands on and proficient in developing end to end web applications. 
•   Keen to work in a dynamic and challenging start-up environment. 
•   Ability to quickly adapt and contribute to the overall team efforts in areas above and beyond your comfort zone. 
•   If you thrive under pressure and like to be constantly challenged, read on...

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager that showcases a passion for success while fostering meaningful relationships and solving problems. You must be highly capable of wearing multiple hats, prioritizing objectives, and being a self-starter. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a rapidly growing software company with a product that’s revolutionizing its industry.

•   Account Management - Provide dependable and superb customer care throughout the lifetime of customer accounts, ensuring each customer receives high quality support and attention.
•   Promote Customer Loyalty - Develop and maintain substantial relationships in order to foster growth and success for all parties, progressively building strong alliances and promoting brand loyalty.
•   Support Customer Retention - Oversee customer account statuses and usage to ensure customers are using pulseM effectively, affirming customer success while averting controversy.
•   Facilitate Customer Adoption - Learn and appreciate customer's circumstances (their industries, objectives, obstacles, and perks), and proactively administer consultation such as best practices, tips-and-tricks, business insights, and promote pulseM features relevant to addressing their needs and encouraging success.
•   Materialize Customer Success Initiatives - Every person comes from a unique background with their own set of skills and experiences. We appreciate originality and advocate the expression of new ideas and processes, especially when it comes to improving our service commitment to our customers.
•   Technical Aptitude - Understands technology and can pick up new technology quickly. Strong sense of logic, highly capable of diagnosing and solving problems.

•   Hard working, self-starter, ambitious, humble, and motivated.
•   Team player attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit.
•   Exceptional ability to develop and maintain relationships with a wide range of personalities.
•   Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.

Nice-to-Have Skill: MARKETING
•   Marketing experience, graphic design.
•   Generate excitement with spirited and effective communication across social media channels and other digital avenues.
•   Build brand following with fresh and flavorful content creation.
•   Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, Wordpress, Visio, etc.

Nice-to-Have Skill: SALES
•   Proven sales experience.
•   Expert at understanding their product and creating interest.
•   Unyielding desire to succeed.

Accounts Manager

pulseM is a growing brand in the Reputation Management industry. We are enjoying a rapid growth in multiple industry verticals and are looking for leaders who can help us grow in revenue and profitability.
•   Business background - BA / MBA with 2-6 yrs experience.

Personality Traits:
•   Strong communication skills.
•   Attention to detail - process driven.
•   Ability to train CSM’s (customer success managers) on process and customer communication best practices (email / phone calls).

•   Revenue Growth, Retention, Customer Success, Retention for Saas Platform.
•   Create and Manage processes that lead to Customer Success.
•   Engage existing customers for current product improvements, future product introductions and up-selling opportunities.

•   Monitor and report on KPI’s.
•   Lead a team of Customer Success Managers.
•   Grow and potentially lead a team of Account Managers.

Product Go-To-Market Manager

A mix ‘n match of a traditional product manager and a marketing manager profile
•   Ability to understand the core aspects of the product and the impact that it can have on the market place.
•   Communicate effectively the value of the product to the customer base.
•   Business background - BA / MBA with 2-5 yrs experience.

Personality Traits:
•   Process driven individual with experience in successful SaaS product rollout.
•   Strong communication skills - essential for communicating value, brand image and creating market differentiation.

•   Formulate strategy for product communication.
•   New product rollout to the market.
•   Add-ons + enhancements on existing products.
•   Organize workflow management for Feature Requests for existing products + re-organize existing portfolio to extract max value for pulseM and its customers.
•   Go-to-market strategy including inputs for product positioning and pricing.

•   Create collateral around product rollout (internal education, customer education centered around value + pulseM’s role as the solution provider).
•   Lead/monitor/report on the effectiveness of the product communication strategy.
•   Help with product inception with the help of our Alpha / Beta customer testing base.

Software Engineer

•   Functional development, maintenance, and enhancement of Speetra's web applications.
•   Diagnose, debug and fix issues in a production environment. 
•   Connect to endpoints on our server to create efficient solutions
•   Strong testing skills - ability to create and test using robust unit test plans.
•   Host and maintain web applications on a web server.
•   Collaborate with researchers, program managers, and product designers in an open, creative environment.

•   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.
•   2 to 5 years of experience writing and shipping code.
•   A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, etc.).
•   Can work independently but knows when to ask for help or clarification.
•   Understand large scale distributed systems and technologies.
•   Care about the nuances of user experience and excitement about creating friendly UIs.
•   Constantly think about general enhancements.

•   Python (Flask)
•   Javascript experience with common libraries and frameworks.
•   Linux
•   MySQL

Software Engineer Internship

•   Work with the software engineers to complete projects of pulseM's web/mobile/api infrastructure.
•   Work on any or all components of a full stack software development.
•   Trouble shoot and debug software programs.
•   Collaborate with researchers, program managers, and product designers in an open, creative environment.

•   How to successfully develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve  Software.

Sales Internship

Have you read Zig Ziglar’s “Secrets of Closing the Sale” and found yourself wanting to learn more? If so an internship at Speetra is your point of departure. 
We are a driven, energetic team whose sales are taking off, and we’re in search of a student with the right combination of initiative, organizational skills, and sales know-how to help us grow. In this internship, you will be working directly with our CEO to learn and get hands-on opportunities building leads, qualifying customers, and closing deals, in a way that will leave you incredibly prepared for any sales job you want going forward. 

•   Strong oral and written communication skills.
•   High level of comfort working with clients.
•   Enthusiasm, creativity, and a desire to learn the trade.

•   The steps of the sales cycle (including tips and tricks from our team of experts on how to master each one). 
•   Sales call techniques that will help you connect and pitch the right people at each prospective customers. 
•   How to create expert presentations for our outside sales team to pursue key clients.

Marketing Internship

•   Apply principals of marketing knowledge in a startup environment
•   Generate excitement with spirited and effective communication across social media channels and other digital avenues on the World Wide Web
•   Build brand following with fresh and flavorful content creation. Content is King.

•   Self-driven and creative mindset
•   Willingness to conceive and pursue new ideas rapidly and frequently to be on pace with a constantly changing industry
•   Determination in the face of uncertainty


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