Participation by the numbers: SMS vs Email

Communication is key in all aspects of life—and it’s especially important in business. But too often, business communication with consumers is one-sided: we advertise, they watch; we ask for their feedback, but few ever respond.

At least, that’s the case with typical customer engagement that relies on email and phone call surveys. You send out email surveys, the surveys end up in spam folders and promotion folders, and ultimately, you miss out on the opportunity to communicate with your customers and glean valuable insights into their experiences and emotions towards your company. The customer gets a call from a robot, and only answers if they’re not busy with anything else at the moment—a rare circumstance in today’s constantly-connected world. Research shows that emails have a dismal 6% reply rate—who wants to communicate with only 6% of their clients?

pulseM has a better way. Rather than center on your customers’ clogged and cluttered email inboxes, we focus on the device they always have on-hand: their cell phone. Our revolutionary customer engagement platform is centered on SMS, with a proven 45% response rate. When you use pulseM to reach out to your customers, you’re not waiting for them to dig through their emails to find you. All they have to do is look at their text messages.            

We start the text conversation with information your customer wants. For our home services clients, the conversation begins with a picture of the technician coming to the client’s home, and a short bio. When the tech completes a successful job, he or she asks the client to continue the conversation. The customer simply replies to the initial text with the word “review,” and receives a link to review the business on social media. And at the end of any interaction, good or bad, the customer receives a “pulseCheck.” The pulseCheck is the heart of pulseM’s revolutionary SMS-based strategy. It quickly and simply captures the customer’s opinion, and provides them with the opportunity to leave thorough voice-or-text-based feedback.        

The pulseCheck allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your clients in a revolutionary way. And the heart of this revolution is pulseM’s focus on the phone. The research is clear: text messages garner a 98% open rate and a 45% reply rate. Compare this to the 20% open rate and only 6% response rate on an email, and you’ll see why pulseM delivers customer engagement that is unparalleled by any other service on the market. SMS is becoming overwhelmingly popular with consumers of all age groups, and that popularity transfers to their impression of your brand. On average, 77% of people are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability. That’s because when you communicate with your customers via SMS, you communicate with your customers through the channels where they feel most comfortable. Best of all, when you use SMS—your customers actually respond.    

75% of companies believe customers want SMS support. 65% of marketers report SMS as being “very effective.” Yet only 25% of marketers are actually using text messaging. Why? Because they didn’t have a platform that was robust, easy-to-use, and customer friendly. We believe pulseM is that platform. With pulseM, you can harness the power of SMS to hugely improve your customer engagement—and your bottom line.