Google Debuts 'Reviews from the web'

Earlier in September, Google began using a new feature called ‘Reviews from the web.’ This new section will display in the Knowledge Panel, and will be one of the first things people see upon searching for your business. Now when you search for your business through Google, in addition to best-of lists and critic reviews, there will be up to three consumer generated review scores from prominent review sites such as Facebook or Nearby Now on display. This is incredibly powerful, and we highly suggest that you harness the full power that this feature has to offer.


To set it up, you will need to use review snippet markup on your website. Also, be sure to review and be following the review snippet guidelines. Lastly, Google highly recommends using their local business markup to help Google match reviews with the highest degree of relevancy. The sooner this is done, the better, for it organically increases the likelihood that a consumer will see your high ratings. In turn, it increases the chances of someone clicking through to the review site and reading more about your business!

If you already have all of this set up, here you will find 5 tips to make sure you're getting the most out of Google's reviews from the web.