5 Hiring Tips for Home Services Providers

Retaining reliable, qualified and skilled workers is often a challenge for business owners, especially in the home services industry. As the demand for home services continues to increase, so does the interest in becoming qualified within these fields. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers are expected to see a 4% growth rate from 2019-2029. 

As a home services provider, this is good news. But just knowing these workers are out there is not enough. Understanding how to identify skilled laborers and conquer the hiring process is key to getting your business adequately staffed.

In this article, we will cover how to identify skilled workers and expedite the hiring process for your business. Applying these tips will help you improve overall employee satisfaction and lower employee turnover, saving your business both time and money.

What to Know Before You Begin the Hiring Process

Before you even begin to look for skilled workers, it’s important to understand your business needs. Identify what type of skills you’ll be looking for, how many hours you’ll hire this person for, and how many people you need to hire. Once you know what you’re looking for, follow these 5 tips to make hiring easier.

Utilize Online Tools to Find Skilled Laborers

While word of mouth and referrals will always be a way to find new employees, the internet provides a way to reach the masses. Utilizing an online job board allows you to post the job you are hiring for with detailed qualifications needed. From there, you can scan the applicants and decide which ones to interview or move to the next step.

There are plenty of job search boards that will make your employee search a bit easier. LinkedIn is a popular place to post your job listing. It’s also used as an online referral network. You can post that you are looking for a certain worker and your connections can share the information and even recommend someone they know.

Save yourself time and let the internet do some of the work for you. Be sure to be detailed in your posting so only qualified applicants will apply.

Weed Out Unqualified Applicants

While you do want to get the word out, you don’t want to attract everyone, especially people who are unqualified. Be sure to craft a well-worded job description. Be specific about what you’re looking for, but don’t be so narrow that there isn’t room for growth. Listing qualifications and licenses needed for the position will help narrow down who applies.

You’ll be able to eliminate some candidates after reviewing their resume. You may choose to move some applicants on to a phone interview, which is a great way to initially screen people. Ask them questions about the information they provided and their experience to weed out who is really fit for the job. From there, you can move final applicants to an in-person interview, reserving your time for those candidates you’re most serious about.

Expedite the Hiring Process

Once you’ve narrowed down your prospects and have found several good potential employees, you want to move fast. Remember, other employers are on the hunt for employees too. You can move the process along quickly by following these steps.

  • Be prepared to make an offer on the spot for the right candidate(s).
  • Take a full day to interview candidates back-to-back so you can get it done.
  • Have thorough interview questions ready.
  • Consider doing a “working interview” so you can see the person in action.
  • Utilize Zoom (if necessary) to complete an interview.

Sweeten the Deal

Once you’ve decided on your final candidate, you’ll want to entice them to do more than just consider your job offer. You want them to accept it. 

Some managers and employers feel that the salary is the only determining factor when choosing a job. While it’s true that this is an important part of the package, it’s only one part of the package. For example, consider paid vacation time, sick leave, health insurance, profit-sharing and bonuses as part of the package offer. 

Be sure to explain the value of each of these items. Be transparent and offer answers to any questions about the compensation package. Candidates will appreciate the honesty and upfront information when making their decision.

Create a Positive Work Environment

People thrive in environments that are positive, healthy and happy. If you can keep the office environment upbeat, employees will be more apt to stay around. You may have to work at this because problems can arise in any group setting. A positive work environment can be felt from the moment anyone, including candidates, walk in the door. Here are a few ideas to keep the office feeling positive.

  1. Make a habit of praising your employees when they do a good job, as well as being forgiving when they make a mistake. No one likes to work in an environment where they feel unvalued or nitpicked.
  2. Be discreet if you do need to speak to an employee about an issue so no one else knows about it.
  3. Encourage team comradery through outside work events like dinners, company BBQs, and family events.

Final Thoughts

In the home services industry, finding skilled laborers is just one piece of the puzzle. Cultivating employee satisfaction will help keep the turnover rate low. Use these tips to attract the type of employees who will fit well with your company and stay dedicated to the team.

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