New changes to your pulseM Dashboard


To better improve your experience using pulseM, our dashboard is getting a facelift.

Now, every where you need to go is only a few clicks away by using pulseM's sleek and newly redesigned navigation bar!

 (Example of new nav bar)

(Example of new nav bar)


How to navigate:

We’re moving away from the dropdown menu and flattening out our main navigation bar. Laying it all out front-and-center for ease-of-use and faster access.

Now, all of the important links are always right there in front of you, always at the top of the page, and only one click away.

To find out more details about this change, visit our Zendesk article here: 

Here at pulseM, we are dedicated to helping you boost your business.

We hope this update will make your interactions with the pulseM dashboard more efficient and user-friendly.

The pulseM Team