Showcasing Reputation on your Website: The (biggest) first step to better ROI


Once homeowners stumble-upon problems in their biggest investments (their homes): you’ve got to solve it and service them; you’ve got to take care of them; you’ve got to give them a professional and authentic customer service experience that they want to tell their friends about. 

Why? Literally, outstanding customer service experience gives people a heartfelt reason to have a business relationship with you--- and to keep telling their friends and networks about your service. In short, a good reputation keeps people coming back for your business.

Way before today's tech boom, it was storefronts that pitched business reputation.

Nowadays, your website is your storefront. Showcasing authentic customer service in an instant and fair way that earns people’s trust is everything. Since homeowners have short attention spans, your business reputation should be made available proactively.

Reputation includes:

Your Business Reviews: More Stars Attract More Leads. What existing customers feel and think about you is the what prospects go with on visiting your website.


Your Social Proof: Crowd Attracts Crowd. Friends telling friends about good pay-for-service compels everyone to buy. Showcase your current customer activity on your social media front.


A dot and a dash. Seamless integration between Google Search algorithms, your business reviews, your social proof, and your social media front, is enabled with a Dot (below) and a Dash, and made possible by our heavy lifting*. *This is a snippet of tech called “Google Structured Data” (which pulseM can happily install for you!)

At pulseM, we live by the standard of making customers fall in love with your company. We capture customers sentiment to help bring a better understanding of their experience to your company. Our customer sentiment analysis solutions lets you care for your customers from start to end.


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