pulseM Update: Review Button and Google Structured Data

Review Button Screenshot.jpg

We are happy to announce an added feature to pulseM. The pulseM Review Button is a Web-Widget and SEO enhancer all-in-one. With this new tool, not only will potential customers see your great reviews, but Google will see them too! Continue reading to learn more about what's changed, why it matters, and how to get your very own pulseM Review Button now.


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What’s different? It's all about this little circle.

The pulseM Review Button combines a free-floating design with beautiful customer review presentation, creating a powerful conversion tool for your website. If you look towards the bottom-right of this page, you can see the button in action. Not only will the button follow you around the website, but you can click on it to open the pulseM Web-Widget from anywhere on the website. Go ahead and try it out on this page!



Why is it important? See reviews from anywhere on your site.

When a potential customer comes to your website, one of the first things they want to see is what others have said about your company. Having a dynamic Review Button ensures that customers can see your star-rating and read reviews no matter where they are on your site. In addition, you no longer need to worry about where to put reviews on your website, because they can be everywhere! Finally, because the Web-Widget has your company's phone number, it helps turn potential customers into paying customers.



What does Google Structured Data do for me? Better SEO, and more.

Google Structured Data embedded in the Review Button let’s search engines, like Google, know about the great reviews your company gets. This boost to your SEO will help raise your Search Ranking, and your website will have a star-rating that stands out from the competition.



How do I get the pulseM Review Button? Just one easy step.

If you are currently using pulseM, check your website! If you don't see the Review Button, click on the box below to get your review button now!