Email is dead. 2 reasons texting is the future of Home Services


Texting has quickly become a primary communication channel that is underutilized by most companies. 75% of companies believe customers want SMS support, 77% of Americans own a smartphone and 65% of marketers report SMS as being “very effective”. But why exactly is SMS so important for home services?


1. Flexibility

One of the many reasons why homeowners prefer text over email or any other form of communication is due to the flexibility. Instead of receiving hackneyed and ambiguous messages they don't care about, homeowners can now become engaged in a conversation with a real person about their specific needs. With SMS you have the freedom to communicate with homeowners about nearly anything, whether you're asking a homeowner about their availability, trying to reschedule or simply providing updates on their services. This makes it easier for you to accommodate your homeowners’ individual demands and schedules.


2. Best-in-class engagement

Out of all the available communication channels, SMS has one of the highest engagement rates. It is proven that SMS yields a whopping 98% open rate, which drastically overpowers email’s open rate of only 20%. Important emails can get lost in the clutter of inboxes but texts go straight to the device that people are routinely checking every hour. This mean your message is not only more likely to be viewed but also more likely to yield a reply. Homeowners want their interactions with you to be quick and efficient. SMS provides that convenience and customizability. You can cater the texts to best fit the specific individual you are contacting, making it increasingly easy for the homeowner.


Next step

As you can see, there's a huge opportunity for businesses to start using SMS to communicate with homeowners. But what if you have a lot of customers and you need to manage all of your messages from a single, simple, powerful platform? Software such as pulseMPro allows you to have SMS conversations with 1 or 100+ customers, all from the convenience of our powerful web platform. Better yet, homeowners see it as a regular SMS conversation, making it feel much more personal.