Strengthen your web presence with pulseM Web Widget


The web-widget tool is one of the most useful aspects of pulseM - it displays approved reviews on your website automatically. This further strengthens both your online presence and business reputation. Even better, there are only three steps to getting your web-widget up and running.


1. Install the web-widget


To install the web-widget, navigate to the ‘Analytics’ tab of pulseM and then select the comments tab. Select the ’Share Web-widget” button to reveal the website code which will allow you to download the widget. Send this code to your web master to display the reviews on your website.


2. Choose a good spot for the web-widget


Choosing a great spot for your web-widget will make it all the more effective. Placing your web-widget on the top of your homepage is a powerful way of showing potential customers how much your company values customer service.


3. Continue approving reviews


 Lastly, continue to bring reviews from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other sources into pulseM in order to maintain an updated web-widget. This allows customers to trust in your company and further strengthens your web presence by constantly updating your website with new content.