The Importance of Brand Identity


Mobile phones have completely revolutionized customer experience for businesses. Communicating with customers is much easier now than ever before, but the process of bringing customers in has become more complicated. Customers on mobile phones make dozens of decisions in seconds, all with the goal of finding the information they want as quickly as possible. In such a fast-paced environment, how can your business outshine the competition? The answer is simple: brand consistency.


Repetition,Repetition, Repetition

Most mobile customers start their journey with one of two situations - “I want to know,” or, “I want to buy.” When the customer searches for information through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., the results screen often dictates the next step in their journey. Within a few seconds, a decision is made between competing websites, with various factors playing key roles. One of the most important factors is brand perception. The way customers perceive a brand goes much deeper than the quality of the product/service you are providing. The brand is dependent on the entire customer experience. So how do you solidify your brand reputation? Repetition. The design and message of your company must be the same across every channel - whether that’s social media, your website, customer support, or print media.


Be a Customer's Guide


Even after a customer starts his or her journey by tapping a search result, there are still dozens of decisions to be made before they reach the, “I want to buy,” stage. If a customer is confused, unsure, or unfamiliar with the steps in-between, they are more likely to turn back before buying. It’s important to analyze every step customers take and make sure you engage with the customer at critical moments along their journey. Giving customers relevant information and personalized engagement moves them from one step to the next, eventually leading to the, “I want to buy,” stage.


Looks are Everything


While it sounds bad, appearance is vitally important to having a strong brand identity. This means your business needs to look good across all social channels, advertisements, and emails. You also need to consistently offer the same experience on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. You have to be easily remembered and recognized to bring in new customers.


Managing Customer Experience


Even the best customer experience plans are sometimes met with unexpected situations. Be prepared for problems to arise. If you are constantly receiving customer feedback with services like pulseM, it will become obvious where the weak points are. If some problems aren’t preventible, you can at least have a prepared strategy for dealing with the issue. A strong brand reputation cannot be established overnight, so take negative reviews and criticism and use them to improve. If you keep growing your brand recognition, customers will keep coming back - and bringing their friends with them. 


More About pulseM


pulseM is a powerful tool that helps with getting both internal and external reviews from homeowners. Internal speech and text reviews help you find weak points in your business, including potential issues with brand reputation. External reviews help strengthen your brand and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by showcasing the voices of happy homeowners through social media channels like Facebook, yelp, Google+, and more. Meanwhile, pulseM’s insightful analytics gives you a realtime view of homeowner’s perception of your company.