Employee Accountability and Home Services

 Employee Accountability and Home Services

As so many managers will attest, accountability in the workplace is integral to a higher work performance. But experts indicate employee accountability also leads to improved competency, commitment to work, and work satisfaction (Source: U.S. Office of Personnel Management).


What is Employee Accountability?

 Employee Accountability

Accountability in the workplace empowers employees to take ownership and follow through. Ownership is about taking initiative and doing whatever is best for the company. It’s about having responsibility for actions and not assuming it’s someone else’s obligation. Just as important as taking ownership is following through. An employee must understand that others are dependent on his or her work and not want to let them down. Open communication is also vital to keep teammates informed on the status of his or her work. Taking ownership and following through allows trust to form between teammates, creating an environment of employee accountability.


How to Encourage Accountability

 Encourage accountability

At the heart of employee accountability are goals. At the surface level, having goals for employees allows for natural accountability. As each employee has a task to perform, responsibility for results falls on the individual. Having goals also makes it easy to create meaningful metrics to track employee’s performance. These metrics can be shown to employees to keep them on top of priorities and create healthy workplace competition. It is important to have both positive and negative consequences to keep employees accountable; these consequences need to be applied consistently.


Employee Accountability and Home Services

 pulseM analytics help employee accountability

Creating an environment of employee accountability can be difficult for home services. It is difficult to measure the results of techs to get metrics. Without metrics, there can’t be an environment of employee competition. pulseM is a great solution to the problem. pulseM makes it easy to get internal and external reviews from homeowners. These reviews are tied to employee profiles, making it easy to keep track of each employee’s results. pulseM also provides a great leaderboard view to easily show metrics and create a sense of competition between techs.