Obtain More In-depth Data with New Advanced Analytics


Introducing Advanced Analytics!

pulseM’s Advanced Analytics allows you to quickly and visually determine how well your company is doing when it comes to customer service. Breaking the data pulseM gathers into sections gives you a powerful way to compare information across different metrics.

Showcase company highlights with Projection

Consolidate your account activity in a single place. This serves as a one stop shop to know the overview of your bios, pulseChecks, customer sentiment and employee leaderboard. Link it to a large screen and display it for your whole company to see!

Identify top performers with Leaderboard

Here you will see the top 3 performers for your company, as well as your top 3 performers per department. You will know who is doing well and who might need a push to perform better. 


Check the pulse of your company with Account

Here you will see account specific statistics. This includes information about bios, pulseChecks, engagement, sentiment and social media.

Read further into bios and pulse checks with Dispatch

A quick way to audit your dispatching processes. It will quickly show you how many bios and pulseChecks have been sent, what medium they were sent on (sms or email) and the total number of bio views. 

Determine the strongest branches of your company with Departments

Consider this a leaderboard for your departments. We make it easy for you to see your top performing department as well as your most underperforming departments. 

Know who your top technicians are with Campaigns

Here you will see all of your technicians being compared to one another based on 7 metrics which include: Leaderboard Points, pulseM Index, pulseChecks, Review Leads, Happy Count, Neutral Count, and Unhappy Count.

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