The pulseM Web Widget

To begin with, let’s discuss what our new feature does. The pulseM Web Widget is a simple channel through which you can showcase customer testimonials, reviews, and experiences, all on your own website. Two of our key objectives are to capture customer emotion, and increase social media reviews for the companies that use pulseM – now we’ve developed a great way to put both of these outcomes in the spotlight.

The reason we feel that such a feature is needed is directly tied to consumer decision making; potential customers rely heavily on reviews and ratings from current customers, as well as peer experiences and recommendations. Since your website is the first point of contact for most potential customers, it is essentially your storefront, and what better storefront advertisements are there than gleaming, verbose, five star reviews from happy customers? Positive reviews provide potential customers with a sense of confidence and faith in your services, so we felt that you should be able to showcase these great reviews on your website and ensure that anyone who visits will know the kind of quality services your company delivers.

To keep your Web Widget fresh and full, we have enabled approved comments from the pulseM portal to push to the Widget, as well as the manually added testimonials from your social media sites. Yes, it is that simple. Just approve the comments as they come in through pulseM and your feed will look amazing. A great testimonial to showcase is one that is relevant to your customer base, and new in terms of the time it was submitted. It also helps to have a diverse collection of reviews showcased on the Widget (include reviews from all of your social media sites). Keep these three aspects in mind and let the Web Widget work its wonders.

The Widget is fairly simple to use, but underneath the surface we have worked very hard to build algorithms that will measure sentiment, comment utility, and overall descriptiveness so that the best material is showcased first. Your Widget has been designed to show diversity by selecting reviews from as many sources as possible, and also has two display modes for added employee privacy and security: one which keeps your employees anonymous, and one which makes their names public, both having their own uses and values. Additionally, the form factor we have implemented in the Widget will make it extremely easy to fit in to your existing site. To implement the Web Widget, click this link to your pulseM portal and follow the directions from there.

Want to see it in action? Here is how Milestone Electric and Boulden Brothers Plumbing are using our Web Widget to their benefit. 

We hope this new feature will help you secure more customers and enable you to showcase all of the positive reviews gained through your own hard work.