Boulden Brothers Success Story


Are your social media pages lacking positive reviews?

It happens to everyone. You have a bad experience somewhere, be it at a restaurant or with that one guy who fixes your electrical or plumbing system, and in a fit of rage, you leave a scathing review online. Bad experiences happen all the time, but for some companies, the reviews left because of them don’t truly reflect the company’s work and its employees. This was a particularly prevalent problem with the Boulden Brothers. Their customer pulseChecks showed a high level of customer satisfaction, however, their ratings on social media channels like Yelp, Google and Facebook didn’t match up with that; their customers weren’t reviewing them frequently enough, so as a byproduct, a very small number of unhappy customers were occasionally reviewing them negatively while many happy customers were not.

How pulseM can help you!

Now the Boulden Brothers were thinking, just like you are, how exactly can pulseM accomplish something no other company has been able to and showcase all of the positive experiences and reviews that are received by our company? 

So they partnered with pulseM and implemented a very comprehensive social media review strategy.

Get positive reviews with the click of a button!

pulseM has given us a sound methodology to allow our happy customers to give us immediate reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp.
— Tim Boulden, Boulden Brothers Founder

When a technician is sent to a customer's home, before they arrive, the Boulden Brothers would send a text with the technician’s biography to the customer’s mobile phone. Next, while at the customer’s home, the technicians ask satisfied customers to review them on social media after they complete their job, which the customer can do by simply texting “REVIEW” back to the number where they received the technician’s bio. The customer is then sent a text with a list of the Boulden Brother’s social media pages, they choose their preferred social media channel and start writing that positive review. Now you might be saying, “Hey blog writer, the process can’t be that easy”! To which I’ll say, “First, it’s Mr. Blog Writer to you, and yes it is”, because pulseM does the best they can to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

Their success can be yours! 

Our Social Media Scores have significantly improved since we started using pulseM.
— Alexis Crownover, Boulden Brothers Marketing Coordinator

This new strategy has already started to yield many positive results. The Boulden Brothers Facebook page has received an exponential increase in likes and 5 star reviews, and the growing number of positive experiences is setting a good first impression for future potential customers. These are well-deserved reviews for the great service delivered by the Boulden Brothers.

Their growing social media presence is a true reflection of their commitment to quality service. Be like the Boulden Brothers and partner with pulseM, so you can stop being plagued down by sporadic bad reviews and let the true quality of you work shine through your social media. Below is a short video that we made for you, detailing the entire process!

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