Welcome to the New Website

Hello, and welcome to the new, improved, and immensely impressive pulseM website. (We know. It's awesome.)

Our number one goal is to serve you in the best way possible, and this desire led to our decision to create a new website for you to use. Think of this as more of a makeover than a complete shift. We just wanted to make sure that using your favorite service was easy on the eyes. We take pride in our work and make sure we're on top of our game, so that we can help you stay on top of yours. Please, feel free to explore. The new site includes 5 main sections, which are easy to navigate at the top of the site. Click away!

For our existing customers: the log in process is still the same, at the top right of the screen, and your work will not be changed or disturbed in any way. You just have a new portal from which to sign in. However, you will find the Home section interesting, as we do showcase quotes and reviews from our amazing customers. If you want to make yourself seen on our website, send us quotes saying how we help you and how much you love us and we will include you! The other point of interest is the Blog section (where you are right now). Here, you can find interesting articles that can help you gain an understanding of customer engagement. 

Now, for our new and prospective customers, the 5 sections of our website are detailed below.

Home: the home page is where you will be greeted when you first come to the site. Within the home page you can find all kinds of information about pulseM, reviews and success stories from companies who use our service, and case studies that prove our results. 

About: the about page gives a brief summary of our mission, written by our CEO Pawan Jaggi, as well as a careers section with job offerings. We're always looking to expand and provide even better service for our valued customers. 

Blog: next is the blog section, where you can find interesting bits and bobs from our thoughts on the world of customer engagement. We love sharing our knowledge and enabling others to hop on board the rapidly growing field of interest that is "capturing customer emotion" - our specialty. 

Contact: this is pretty straight forward, this section contains our contact information, should there be a need to get in touch.

Get Started: lastly, the get started section. This is our favorite section, because it hopefully means a new addition to the pulseM family. This is a simple form to fill out, but it means the most to us. We hope you do get started with us, and rest assured that we'd work to our utmost capabilities for you. 

Here, helping you is our mission, and innovation is a constant phenomenon, so stay tuned for new updates and releases. This website will improve, and our service will grow along side you, and we look forward to every moment of it.