Milestone Electric's Success Story

“The positive financial outcome in our industry depends on our technicians who visit the home. How they make the customer feel is paramount to our success that day and for repeat business.”- Gus Antos, CEO Milestone Electric. Milestone relies on pulseM powered by Speetra to measure customer emotion in real time and continue their success through actionable insights in regards to how their customers are really feeling.

The challenge with Milestone, and many other home services companies, was that prior to pulseM, 100% of the customers were being called manually. Since there was no call recording, a tedious effort was being made to insert what was learned through the call into an existing system. People were falling behind on those calls and efficiency was long forgotten term. The team faced another problem: they had no idea what to expect when calling the customer, and simultaneously, email based surveys were being sent out to the customer, but the participation rate was extremely poor. Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry. Milestone partnered with pulseM and hasn’t looked back since. You can too.

Milestone partnered with pulseM to start measuring customer emotion, start receiving robust and frequent reviews, and to keep their employees accountable. All three aspects are still going strong: pulseM uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions and sliders, plus written/spoken sentiments directly from the end user, to capture customer emotion in real time. pulseM analyzes these inputs and then directs happy users to Milestone’s social media sites for instant reviews and likes, and pulseM also analyzes which employees are garnering the most praise, the best scores, and creates a leaderboard to rank the employees.

Some other facets of using pulseM include: increased security for your customers and increased accountability for your employees thanks to the pre-service Bio that is sent to the homeowner, and a streamlined widget that you can implement on your website to show off the great reviews that your employees are earning.

Don’t stay stuck in the past, get started with pulseM today to start capturing customer emotion in real time and pave your highway to increased success.