Capturing Customer Emotion: the New Cornerstone to Success

Have you ever wondered what your friends or family feel about you? Like, really feel? If so, I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have to deal with that - but you definitely shouldn’t have to be stuck wondering what your customers are feeling about your business. Primitive, lengthy surveys are inefficient and lead to unusable data when customers mindlessly click through them. It’s time to start capturing customer emotion in real time, using simple and effective survey strategies like a Net Promoter Score question (NPS) and capturing subjective customer emotions.

The problem with traditional surveys are many, but first and foremost, they are painfully lengthy. In today’s day and age, customers don’t have the time, won’t take the time, or simply lose interest when faced with a 10 or 20 question survey. On top of that, the medium through which the survey is taken is not becoming to the customer: having to check an email inbox, locate a survey among hundreds of other spam messages, and then clicking a succession of links and boxes, just does not work. Mail in surveys are out of the question, the postal service is going out of business at this rate. Most things that are mailed to a customer take a direct route to the trash can. Not even the recycle bin. C’mon now guys. Besides being too long and very inconvenient, the questions being asked are redundant and fail to capture customer sentiment. In other words, how the customer actually feels about your service is being missed. Such information is much more valuable than finding out whether the technician remembered to hand out a business card at the end of the job, for example.

The value of capturing customer emotion is being discovered by small business owners now, but how to actually do so is a challenge yet. There are 2 strategies that can make this process possible and manifest the power of customer sentiment into your outstretched hands.

First, the NPS question. The NPS question is one, concise sentence. “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” This question is scored from 0-10: 0-6 are detractors (bad), 7-8 are passives (eh), and 9-10 are your promoters (very good). With one question, you have bypassed the need to ask 20 questions to (maybe) reach the same conclusion – because in the end this is what you want as a small business owner isn’t it? In the end you want repeat business from existing customers and you want new business through word of mouth. Your goal should be to provide service so great that everyone you serve becomes a promoter, and using the data collected you can gather exactly how many people are satisfied, okay, or unsatisfied enough to promote or not promote.

The next strategy is to capture subjective customer emotion, but the best way to do so is our little secret here at pulseM. We provide cutting edge software to capture customer emotion, which combines the two strategies listed above, plus many more. Want in on it? Get in touch with us and start harnessing the power of customer emotion today.