A new pulseCheck option to maximize reviews!

As has been mentioned before, helping businesses increase both the quantity and quality of their social media reviews is one of the things pulseM is best at. The combined usage of our pulseCheck and analytics systems have resulted in nearly overnight shifts in how well a business is viewed by prospective customers. Yet, there was one tool of pulseM that was used very rarely, despite how good it sounds on paper: the Social Media Review App.

The purpose of this function was to allow technicians to give their customers an easy way to review them on social media sites, like Google Reviews, Yelp, or Facebook Reviews: just ask happy customers to send the word ‘REVIEW’ to the Bio message they received and they would receive the Review App from pulseM. However, this forced the technician to be both knowledgeable of this function, and to have the ability to always know when a customer would be happy enough to fill out a review. As it happened, technicians would either forget about the Social Media Review App, or be too cautious when informing their customers about it. This resulted in pulseM not delivering its full potential in regards to increasing the number of online reviews for businesses.

Recognizing this, the pulseM team worked on taking the guesswork out of this valuable function. And, after much work by our tech team, we’re introducing the ability to integrate the Social Media Review App with the pulseCheck system. During a pulseCheck, your customers will indicate their ‘sentiment’ towards the service they received: ‘Positive’, ‘Negative’, and ‘Neutral’. If they indicate that they felt ‘Positive’, our servers can now automatically redirect them to the pulseM Review App. We’ve taken away all the subjectivity the technician was previously forced to account for and we now allow you to use an objective measurement to know whether or not a customer is happy or not, and, subsequently, know whether or not that customer will leave a good review.

To turn on this new option, navigate to the ‘Manage’ tab on your pulseM dashboard, and click on the ‘Social Media Review App’ tab. There should be an checkbox underneath “Happy Customer Redirection”. Simply click the box. It’s that easy.
As always, if you have any questions about the above process, don’t hesitate to read through the information on our Knowledge Center (https://pulsem.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) or send us a message using the ‘Help’ box on the bottom-right of your pulseM dashboard.