About pulseM

A dedication to innovation

Why we exist

We believe the way that customers choose services has changed. Traditional advertising through commercials, emails and mailers has become white noise. Today, people make their decision based on a company’s reputation and online reviews. They also expect to be able to reach businesses immediately, and texting is now the preferred communication channel. Our aim is to help businesses adapt.

Our mission is to help your businesses thrive. We are focused on developing the best review and customer communication software on the market. It’s a new and rapidly expanding area, and we see that as an opportunity. We’re excited to showcase our pulseM technologies and features through educational webinars and one-on-one demos.

Our story

In 2010 husband and wife owners, Pawan & Pooja, took a cruise. The cruise went so well that they wanted to leave a good review but found it exceedingly difficult. They thought, “there needs to be a better way…” After several iterations and pivots, Pawan and AJ (our CTO) sketched the first ideas of what would become pulseM.

A month after pulseM introduction, the company gained its first customer. A few months later pulseM had grown to more than 100 customers and started to gain serious traction. Through 2017, pulseM existed as a small team of Software Engineers and quickly grew to several hundreds of customers in multiple industries solely by word of mouth.

In 2018, pulseM opened its new office and began adding great people to the team as the number of customers continued to skyrocket. pulseM continues to lead the way, priding itself on having the best technology for their customers.

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Get to know the pulseM team

At pulseM, our diverse team of engineers, creatives, and business-minded individuals are the very heartbeat that is pulseM. Without each person’s unique background, diverse experience, and personal flavor pulseM wouldn’t be as innovative as we are today. By lending motivation and encouragement, we are always learning from each other and ourselves. pulseM employees are always excited to meet new people, share new experiences, and grow together. By always communicating our differences, we allow the opportunity to progress and do amazing things.

Our Core Values


Innovation is what gives us an edge. Without it, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. But the core drive for us to innovate is not commercial – it’s to better serve you, our valued customers. Every new step we take is an even greater leap for you and your success. That’s what keeps us going.


A large part of our success comes from relationships we build with our customers. We work to serve our pulseM family to the best of our abilities. Every aspect of our software is tuned to enhance customer experience and daily operations are tailored to assist our customers in the best way possible.


We hold our team to a high level of accountability and responsibility. Mistakes happen, but having both the integrity and honesty to resolve them is what our team prides itself on.


We are proud to announce that our CEO Pawan Jaggi is now on the board of directors for Social Venture Partners in Dallas! We believe giving back to our community is our duty. By striving to put our community first, we have created a culture where honesty and integrity are key to success.

Selfless thinking continues to flow out into our social work. We have an unwavering commitment to this belief, and are looking forward to seeing how much good we can do in the coming future! Learn more about SVP.


Simplicity is key, and our software is built around this cornerstone. We want to make our customers lives easier while also delivering powerful results, analytics, and feedback. pulseM is not, and will never be, a hindrance to the work flow of our customers. Simplicity is what differentiates pulseM from the rest.

Join the pulseM movement

We are always looking to grow our team with bright, energetic, and creative people. Explore our current job postings.