About Us


pulseM was started in 2015 by a couple of dynamic entrepreneurs and currently we call Dallas, Texas home. pulseM is currently in its 5th generation of providing a robust SMS based Reputation Management Platform. The idea if pulseM was conceived based on one simple principle: “People like to talk. And write. And communicate.” Making communication easy paves the way for better service and better business. At pulseM, our technology is opening the lines of communication between businesses and customers nationwide, promoting high engagement rates and skyrocketing social media ratings.


We embrace the idea of providing every person an equal opportunity to grow and succeed. pulseM encourages our team members to think forward, try new things, and challenge the ordinary. Technology moves fast and as such we are always thinking on our feet, as the saying goes. pulseM employees are not afraid to work hard, and play even harder to keep our dedication to providing the best customer service, support, and management.


Our diverse team of engineers, creatives, and business-minded individuals are the very heartbeat that is pulseM. Without each person’s unique background, diverse experience, and personal flavor pulseM wouldn’t be as innovative as we are today. By lending encouragement and motivation, we are always learning from each other and ourselves. pulseM employees are always excited to meet new people, share new experiences, and grow together. By always communicating our differences, we allow the opportunity to progress and do amazing things.


We are located in the part of Dallas where Richardson meets Addison, west of The University of Texas at Dallas and Adventure Landing Amusement Park, and north of the Galleria Mall. The surrounding community culture is a combination of university life, young professionals, and urban business hubs. At any given time you are two steps away from grabbing a Thai dinner, a cocktail, or a live music show at a local bar.





Always strive for simplicity.

We are obsessed with Customer Service... and we mean it.

We will always continue to innovate so you can focus on your service.


We are always looking to grow our team with bright, energetic, and creative people. Join the pulseM movement!